San Patrignano’s craftsmanship is oriented towards the creation of products that promote participation in the creative process. Products based on ethics and the centrality of the individual, with the primary objective of transmitting skills useful for workforce reintegration.

Work activities are carefully aligned with market needs, and the workshops aim to establish long-term relationships with companies or foundations that share the same values.

In interior decoration, San Patrignano stands out as an ethical partner of textile publishers and designers, producing exclusive collections of wallpapers and fabrics, supporting the development of designs and patterns.

In the production of leather goods and ethical fashion, San Patrignano favours products that adopt the concept of upcycling materials, amplifying the concept of recovery, from individual to environmental protection and resource optimization.

For several years, San Patrignano has been actively collaborating with for-profit companies, offering itself as an ethical partner in the production of accessories, capsule collections, and corporate gifts tailored ad hoc.

San Patrignano is the ideal partner for companies that consider the creation of positive social impact as fundamental to their development model.

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