We are pleased to share with you a unique project that combines craftsmanship, education, and a deep commitment to individual rebirth. In our workshops, nestled in the greenery of the San Patrignano Community since 1978, we witness the transformative power of beauty, its ability to touch the deepest chords of the human soul, eliciting emotions, inspiration, and reflections. We welcome those who are facing the challenge of reclaiming their lives, offering them an inspiring environment designed to provide a new perspective to those going through difficult situations.

Each individual is welcomed into a positive and inclusive environment, where they feel supported in their journey of recovery and personal growth We offer training programs that not only develop the necessary skills for young men and women to rediscover their passions and creativity but also allow each individual to discover their own talent. Through engagement in artisanal activities, we help people find meaning in their lives, regain confidence and self-esteem, essential elements for the path of personal rebirth.

We firmly believe that “beauty and craftsmanship” are tools for personal and social transformation. We collaborate with companies that share our values, integrating craftsmanship, education, and social commitment into their business goals, thereby contributing to the creation of positive social impact.

You are invited to live and share this wonderful adventure with us.